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Tenancy Agreement

When can I move in to Student Residence Hall?

 You can move in at any time after 2 pm on the tenancy start date. Please notice that all dates are mentioned in the tenancy agreement.

What is the tenancy agreement?

The tenancy agreement is a legal document between the Student Residence Hall (landlord) and the student (tenant). The tenancy agreement sets out clearly defined rules of the Student Residence Hall and the obligations of the Landlord and Tenant. This is a useful and important document. If there are any disputes both parties will refer to the tenancy agreement.

How long is the tenancy agreement?

Typical tenancy agreements is for 12 months period. You can rent a room at Student Residence Hall for a non less than 5 months period.

Can I extend my tenancy?

YES. If you would like to extend your tenancy you must notify Student Residence Hall as early as possible to ensure your room has not been let to someone else.

When do I move in?

You can move in any time after 10am on the tenancy start date.

Can I cancel my tenancy agreement?
When will I receive the tenancy agreement?

Our tenancy agreements are all online and will be sent to you immediatelly after booking confirmation.


What internet service do you provide?

We provide a 200 Mbps connection.
We expect that our tenants will follow the fair and acceptable usage policy. Wi-Fi zone is all over the facilities and in the rooms.

Can my guests live in my apartment?

NO. Our rooms are intended for one person. A permanent guest over a longer period is not wanted.

Can I have guests to stay in my room?

YES. If you want to invite guests, you are allowed to do that as long as they are guests and do not live permanently on the premises.
Please be noticed that anyone wanting to visit you have to alert you of their presence.
You will need to go down to the front door of the building to let your guest into the building.

Are pets allowed in the room?

NO. Pets are not permitted.

How secure is the building?

Your safety and security is of utmost importance to us. You will be given a personal entry card which will give you access to the building.
We do have live CCTS cameras in common areas, entry zone and backyard.

Can I cancel my room?
Can I smoke in my room or in the building?

NO. Smoking is strictly prohibited at Student Residence Hall properties.
If you will not follow the non-smoking policy the penalty of a 200 euro be applied.

What comes with the room? What do I need to purchase before I move in?

All the rooms at Student Residence Hall are fully furnished but you will need to bring your personal belongings (bedding, towels, cooking appliance).

Are bedding and dishes provided in the Student Residence Hall?

NO. But we can sell or rent starter packages of bedding and dishes/utensils under request. Please contact us in advance.

Do I need to move my belongings out the room during the university holidays?

NO. You will only need to move out your belongings on the tenancy end date.
During the term of the tenancy the room is for your use only.
If you wish we can store you belongings for an additional price during summer holidays.

Is there a place to study in the Residence?
Yes, there is a quiet study room where tenants can study.


Do I have to pay booking fee / deposit?

In order to secure the room reservation you are required to pay a booking fee of two months room rent amount. Your booking fee converts to deposit once your tenancy commences.  The deposit is refundable at the end of your tenancy, unless any deductions for damage or charges have been made.

When do I need to pay my first rental instalment?

 We offer three installment types:

  • If you pay your annual accommodation fee fully in advance you can receive a 5% discount. This option will be made available to you when you make your 12-months rent payment before the start of your tenancy. Please inform us if you are ready to use a 5% discount opportunity and we will process the invoice with discount
  • 2 Installments. You can get a 2% discount for paying your 12-months rent by two installments when the 1st payment is made prior to the tenancy start date and 2nd payment after the first full four callendar months of the initial lease term. Please inform us if you are ready to use a 2% discount opportunity and we will process the invoice with discount.
  • Monthly Installments (1st payment shall be made prior to the tenancy start date, other payments should be paid at the beginning of the month during the accommodation period).  You receive no discount if you pay your accommodation rent monthly. 
What does the monthly rent cover?

 The rent covers your room, use of the communal space and all utility expenses such as electricity, heating, water, internet connection.

Can I change my room?

If you wish to change rooms after the start of the tenancy agreement a 50 euro administration fee will be payable. 

How do I pay my rent?

We accept payments by transfering money to our bank account on a termly basis or you can pay everything upfront. We accept credit cards.

How should I pay rent if I don't live in Lithuania and don't have a lithuanian bank account?

You can pay your rent by transfering the money to our bank account. We are accepting credit cards.